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Urban centres

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Urban centres

Marrickville Road at night

Gloria's in Petersham

Fresh produce in Marrickville

Gino & Mary's Deli in Dulwich Hill

I Have a Dream mural, Newtown

Flowers for sale in Marrickville

Baked sweets

The Marrickville area contains a number of individual urban centres and villages which are the focal points for local culture and community life. Each precinct has a distinct identity with its own variety of eating and shopping alternatives to be explored.

With food selections from all over the world and specialist shopping, our residents and visitors are spoilt for choice and find it easy to while away a few hours either by themselves or with their families and friends.

The businesses operating in the precincts play a significant and vital role in the Marrickville area economy. In this they are supported by Marrickville Council which has implemented The Urban Centres Program to encourage more people to use the local centres and ensure their continued success.

The Program aims to enhance the attractiveness and appeal of the Urban Centres and Villages by:

  • improving the amenity of each precinct;
  • establishing a consistent approach to the development of the precincts;
  • developing effective partnerships between businesses, Council and the community;
  • ensuring Marrickville Council is a business-friendly council; and
  • creating a strong local economy to increase employment within the Marrickville area.

Want to learn more about the Urban Centres and Villages? Click on the precinct names below:

  • Marrickville
    Marrickville is a diverse and friendly community which has retained its Mediterranean heritage and now features also a strong Vietnamese influence, resulting in a very broad range of places both to eat and to shop. The shopping includes major supermarkets, fresh fruit and vegetables, continental delicatessens and specialist retailers such as haberdashery, fashion and electrical. Both the State and Federal representatives maintain their electorate offices in Marrickville.
  • Dulwich Hill
    Like Marrickville, Dulwich Hill is an ethnically diverse, harmonious and vibrant centre - but on a smaller and more intimate scale, making it an ideal meeting place to catch up. With easy parking and widened footpaths to accommodate outdoor seating, it features many delicious food alternatives including European delicatessens, stylish cafés, an Italian sourdough bread shop, a Cypriot butcher, a Lebanese pastry house, a Portuguese traditional grill and a gourmet pizza shop, to name only a few.
  • Petersham
    Known affectionately as "Little Portugal", Petersham has developed and retained its distinctive identity which was established by the Portuguese migrants who settled in the area. As a result Petersham is home to many Portuguese restaurants and cafés including those which offer the justly famous Portuguese Chicken. There are also delicatessens and pastry shops adding to the Portuguese flavour. Petersham is also home to Marrickville Council's Citizens' Service Centre where you can find information, ask a question, obtain an approval, make a payment, book a community facility, provide feedback and request a Council service.
  • Newtown Entertainment Precinct
    Newtown and surrounds claim to fame is its funky, alternative and vibrant street life. There are major theatres, cafés, pubs and affordable restaurants along the length of the main streets whose shops showcase such items as emerging designers, vintage clothing and other specialty stores too numerous to mention including independent book and music outlets.

For further information please contact Council's Economic Development Unit: