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Car share

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Car share

Marrickville Council has supported car sharing since 2007 as part of a holistic approach to encouraging more sustainable modes of travel and reducing dependency on private cars.

Car Share Policy

Council is committed to increasing the uptake of car sharing as a part of its drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce on-street parking demand and encourage more active lifestyles through reduced dependency on private cars.

Car sharing is viewed by Council as an integral component of a sustainable transport system, complementing improvements to public transport and facilities for cycling and walking.

Car share options

There are various forms and modes of car share available within the Marrickville Council area and supported by Council. These include more traditional car sharing formats and newly-emerging approaches such as peer-to-peer and point-to-point models. GoGet and Car Next Door currently operate these facilities.

GoGet – www.goget.com.au

Once you are a registered member, you can book a car online or via GoGet's mobile booking system at any time of the day.

GoGet cars are available from a variety of dedicated car share parking spaces around the Marrickville Council area. The GoGet car must be returned to the dedicated space you took it from.

At the end of each month you will receive an activity statement which will itemise each booking including any extras.

Car Next Door – www.carnextdoor.com.au

A model of car rental by which individuals can rent privately owned vehicles, commonly referred to as "peer to peer" car sharing network. Once you are a registered member you can book other registered cars from around your area by the hour or day.