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Visitor parking

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Visitor parking

Resident's visitor parking permits may be obtained by permanent residents of the Council area residing within designated resident parking areas. The permits may be purchased online or from the Petersham Customer Service Centre.

How do visitor parking permits work?

Each resident's visitor parking permit exempts the vehicle from time limits for one day only in the parking area written on the front of the permit, where parking is signposted 'Permit Holders Excepted'. Each residential property is entitled to 30 Resident's Visitor Parking Permits per year. They are provided in allotments of 10 permits.

Conditions for resident's visitor parking permits

  1. There is no exemption from 'No Stopping' or 'No Parking' areas, parking too close to corners, double parking, parking on footpaths, time limited parking signs that do not bear the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' within the corresponding parking area, or any other parking rules.
  2. The applicants are personally responsible for all permits issued to them. The applicant must ensure that the resident's visitor parking permit scratch card is used only by bona fide visitors only (e.g. relatives, friends, carers or tradespeople) and NOT sold or transferred or assigned to another party. Failure to adhere to this may deny the issue of any further visitor scratch cards parking permits to the applicant.
  3. The permit will only be valid for the relevant precinct and will not enable holders to park with exemptions in any other area in which similar schemes operate.
  4. The permit can only be used once, and for one day only.
  5. The permit is valid only if one date has been scratched off (i.e. the day of use).
  6. Unscratched permits are not valid
  7. The permit is valid only in the parking permit area written on the front of the permit.
  8. The permit is valid only where parking is signposted 'Permit Holders Excepted' or 'Authorised Resident Vehicles Excepted'.
  9. The permit is valid only if it is clearly visible to an authorised officer.
  10. The permit must be placed on the left-hand side of the vehicle's front dashboard.
  11. The permit is not valid for use on a caravan, box trailer, or boat trailer or any vehicle which exceeds 3 tonnes.
  12. Misuse of the permit is an offence. Council reserves the right to withdraw one or all permits from the applicant.
  13. Current identification must be shown to obtain permits (see below).

Who is eligible to apply for a resident's visitor parking permit?

To be eligible to participate in the scheme, a person must be a permanent resident within the relevant precinct.

Proof of residential address must be provided as part of the parking permit application.

Under the conditions laid down by NSW Roads and Maritime Services, residents of hotels are not eligible to participate in the scheme.

What is the cost of the resident's visitor parking permit?

Refer to Council's fees and charges.

Any fees charged are used to partially defray the costs necessarily incurred by Council for administration, operation and enforcement of the parking permit scheme. No fee is refundable once a permit is issued.

How do I apply?

New applications for parking permits can be made online or at the Petersham Customer Service Centre, located at 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham.