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Business papers

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Business papers

To assist in making decisions on matters at Council and Committee meetings,  business papers contain the following:

  • An agenda (list of items to be considered at the meeting)
  • Reports prepared by Council officers (prepared either on an issue, or – in the case of development applications – each application)
  • Minutes (details of decisions made at previous meetings)

Council and Committee business papers are available for download from the website on the Wednesday prior to each meeting. Supplementary business papers are available for download immediately after they are produced.

Follow this link to see scheduled meetings and agendas

Please contact Council's Business Paper Coordinator if you are unable to access documents, or if you require assistance searching for Council resolutions.

Council is committed to ensuring people with a disability have equal opportunity to take part in Council and Committee meetings. If you have any access or disability related participation needs and wish to know more contact Council's Business Papers Coordinator on 9392 5323.

Business paper archives

The business paper archives allow citizens to access Council business papers and minutes for the three years preceding the current year.