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Water Strategy

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Water Strategy

A water-sensitive community

Strategy for a Water Sensitive Community

Rainwater tanks at the Marrickville Community Nursery

Water tanks at Marrickville Community Nursery

Marrickville Strategy for a Water Sensitive Community

The Marrickville Strategy for a Water Sensitive Community 2012–2021 is moving current urban water management in Marrickville to a more sustainable and flexible approach that promotes liveable, productive, resilient and sustainable communities. The Strategy is being actioned through community and Council.

To address challenges of reforming current water management, the Strategy is informed by leading national research that will help Council create a water sensitive community while addressing Council's responsibility in implementing the A Plan for Growing Sydney, the NSW Government’s plan for the future of the Sydney Metropolitan Area over the next 20 years.

Council adopted this pioneering strategy on 4 February 2013.

Water Saving Action Plan

Council has a Water Saving Action Plan, which identifies water efficiency projects to be implemented within its buildings.

Several water conservation initiatives have been implemented including:

  • installation of rainwater tanks at Council's Child Care Centres;
  • installation of a rainwater tank and an irrigation system at the Marrickville Community Nursery; and
  • water efficient fixtures and fittings installed in Building B at the Council Depot and at Council's Administration Centre.

Sustainable Irrigation Plan (SIP)

Marrickville Council currently spend around $90,000 every year on drinking water that is used to irrigate its sports fields. The aim of the Sustainable Irrigation Plan (SIP) is to maintain the condition of local sports fields while reducing the amount of potable water used for irrigation.

The SIP will do this in two ways:

  • improving irrigation efficiency, and;
  • substituting potable water with non-potable sources such as rain water, stormwater, groundwater and recycled wastewater.

More information on this plan is available at our water section.

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This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.