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Contracts and Tenders

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Contracts and Tenders

Tenders Online

Tenders and expressions of interest for Inner West Council  can be accessed and submitted electronically through the Tenders Online website: www.tendersonline.com.au/innerwest

To view a list of open opportunities with Council  please click here

If you have any queries about registering or using Tenders Online, please call Tenders Online in the first instance on 1800 233 996.


Council now requests quotations through the web-based tool VendorPanel. This tool is free and accessible for all suppliers interested in working with Council. Register with VendorPanel Marketplace.

If you have any queries about registering with VendorPanel please call them on 03 9095 6181.

Government contracts register

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPAA) requires Council to keep and publish a record (called its "government contracts register") that records information about some contracts with private sector bodies.

Public list of Tenders and EOIs

Statement of Business Ethics

Purchase order terms and conditions

Invoice requirements

  • All Suppliers are required to provide Council with a valid Invoice that includes GST where GST is applicable.
  • All Invoices should clearly state unit prices, description of goods (or services) including hourly rates where applicable. 
  • Costs being charged to Council should be clear and understandable.

See below template Invoice which should assist with this process if you require it.

Please also see the ATO website for further guidance

Invoices must clearly state the Purchase Order number used to order the goods/services and must be sent to apinvoice@innerwest.nsw.gov.au in order to be processed in a timely fashion.