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Development Applications on exhibition

Development Applications (DAs) are formal requests for permission to carry out a development. 'Development' is defined under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as:

  • the use of land;
  • the subdivision of land;
  • the erection of a building;
  • the carrying out of work;
  • demolition; or
  • any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

All development – except for those listed as exempt or complying development – requires a Development Application.

For advice concerning submissions on applications, please go to the housing and development forms page.

View Development Applications online

Marrickville Council maintains an online public register of Development Applications through the eProperty system, which can be used to display the following:

  • public notices of all Development Applications currently on exhibition; and
  • the current status and stage/decision of Development Applications lodged from 2005 onwards, using the "Search for a DA" link.


The information published on the Development Application page of Marrickville Council's website contains certain documents submitted to Council at the time the development application was lodged. Please be aware that this documentation may not be a complete representation of all aspects of the development application as changes may have occurred since the application was lodged.

You cannot use this information to ascertain whether or not any approval for use or works has been granted by Council.

Council maintains files which may contain more current and comprehensive information relating to development applications. If you are interested in viewing this information, please complete and submit an Informal Access Application Form (available at this page – link will open in a new window/tab). Viewing of development application files is available at Council's office free of charge. Fees are applicable to requests for copies of documents.

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