Housing and development forms

Housing and development forms
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Housing and development forms

Important notice

Due to the time it takes to check that applications are comsplete in accordance with the relevant checklist, and to prepare fee quotes for applications, Council Officers will not accept the lodgement of any application after 4.30pm.


Please note that the forms are updated regularly. If you have previously downloaded a form, compare the date on the bottom left-hand side of the last page with the document on the website.

Visit our general forms page if you're looking for non-housing or development related forms.


Archives and Council Records

Asbestos removal

Building-related applications

Conveyancing certificate

Obtaining advice before lodging a development application

Application form

Please use this Application Form for the following:

  • Development Application
  • S96 Modifications
  • Combined Development Application and Construction Certificate
  • Construction Certificate
  • Complying Development Certificate
  • S82 Review Requests
  • S95A Extend a Development Consent
  • Activity Applications

Attachments for application form


Cost summary report

Guideline to biodiversity protection

Minor works application 

Payments and refunds

Political donations and gifts

Social impact assessment

Subdivision certificate

Submission on Applications

Waste management plan

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Reference Guideline

Withdraw a development application