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Planning controls

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Planning controls

Inner West Council was formed in May 2016 by the merger of the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville councils.

There will be no immediate changes to the LEP and DCP for each former local government area and they remain in place until changed.

A new Inner West Council website is being developed. For the time being, information on this site relates to the planning controls for the former Marrickville Council area – Camperdown (south of Parramatta Road), Dulwich Hill, Enmore, Lewisham, Marrickville, Newtown (west of King Street and Church Street), Petersham, St Peters, Stanmore, Sydenham and Tempe.

Planning controls for the other two former council areas can be accessed here:

Council's controls, plans and policies provide an urban planning framework to guide development in the former Marrickville local Government Area (LGA). Planning controls can be in the form of Local Environmental Plans (LEPs), Development Control Plans (DCPs), State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) as well as Council specific codes, strategies and policies.

'Development' is defined under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as:

  • the use of land;
  • the subdivision of land;
  • the erection of a building;
  • the carrying out of work;
  • the demolition; or
  • any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

To develop in Marrickville Council you must establish whether your development:

  • is exempt development;
  • is complying development; or
  • requires a Development Application and Construction Certificate.

Exempt Development

If your development meets the nominated criteria for exempt development, Council consent is not required. See the Codes SEPP on the NSW Legislation website.

Complying Development

If your development meets the nominated criteria for complying development, a complying development certificate is required. A complying development certificate may be issued by Council's Building Certification Services or an accredited certifier. See the Codes SEPP on the NSW Legislation website.

Development requiring a Development Application and Construction Certificate

All development proposals that do not meet the nominated criteria for exempt or complying development will require a development application to be lodged to Marrickville Council.

In this section

  • Marrickville Local Environment Plan (MLEP) 2011
    The Marrickville LEP 2011 is a legal document that sets the direction for future growth in the local government area (LGA) by providing controls and guidelines for development. It determines what can be built, where it can be built and what activities can occur on land.
  • Marrickville Development Control Plan (MDCP) 2011
    The MDCP 2011 contains controls which must be considered in the planning and design of any new development – from alteration and additions to a dwelling house, to new industrial buildings or shop top housing in town centres.
  • Previous LEP and DCPs
    An archive page containing previous planning controls, which have since been superseded by the current LEP and DCPs. Please note that these documents are now officially repealed, and remain available for reference purposes only. 
  • Codes, policies and strategies
    Marrickville Council has a number of policies, codes and strategies that provide additional information and guidance to controls included within the LEP and DCP.
  • Section 10.7 certificates
    Section 10.7 planning certificates (formerly Section 149) contain information on how a property may be used, what planning instruments apply, as well as property affectations and restrictions on development. They are generally sought when a property is to be redeveloped or sold.
  • Background to LEP/DCP Review
    In 2006 all councils were required by the NSW Government to review their Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) to make them consistent the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy and Standard Instrument, and to create a consolidated Development Control Plan (DCP). Council's review commenced with the drafting of the Marrickville Urban Strategy (MUS), and involved undertaking a number of background studies to inform the final planning instruments – MLEP 2011 and MDCP 2011.
  • Planning assessment in relation to water management – evaluation of Cooks River councils
    The Cooks River Alliance evaluation report includes an analysis of Cooks River Catchment councils' LEPs and DCPs in relation to water management and makes recommendations to improve their performance.
  • Further information
    More information on planning and development controls for applicants.