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Apply to prune or remove a tree

Council values private trees as an integral component of Marrickville's urban forest. A private tree is any tree on land not under Council's care and control. Before you prune or remove a tree from your residential or business property, you must apply for permission.

It is recommended that you read the Marrickville Development Control Plan, Section 2.20: Tree Management which regulates tree-related activities. Any tree, whether it's native or an exotic species, is covered under the controls, if it has:

  • A height of 5m or more
  • A canopy spread of over 3m
  • A trunk diameter of more than 300mm, at ground level

Depending on the tree species, the condition of the tree, or the type of pruning required, some exemptions apply, which are outlined further in the tree management controls. Exempt tree species include those listed in section 2.20.3 of the Marrickville Development Control Plan and any species declared as a noxious weed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries for the Marrickville area. There are serious penalties for breaching the controls and the maximum fine in the Land and Environment Court is $1.1 million.

Applications will be assessed and determined either through a:

1. Tree Works Permit application

Required for pruning or removal of trees when the property in not heritage item or located in a Heritage Conservation Area (HCA), application is via a Tree Permit Application Form. Council may require an arborist report to assist in making a determination.


2. Development Application

Required for removal of a tree if your property is a heritage item or located in a Heritage Conservation Area (HCA). Check this map to see if your property is located within a HCA. Application is via a Development Application Form.

Once your application is received a council officer will contact you to arrange a site inspection.

Council will require an arborist report with any development application for removal. Council’s minimum requirements for the different types of arborist reports are provided in Appendix 1 of Section 2.20 of the Marrickville Development Control Plan 2011 (MDCP)

If you are seeking permission to prune or remove neighbours' trees, Council will not process any application without the appropriate owner's consent.