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Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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In your home

Rainwater tankThere is a great deal that can be done to make home more comfortable as well as environmentally friendly. These pages hold great information ranging from quick energy and water conservation tips through to more detailed information on sustainability programs and projects designed to help people live more sustainably.

  • Water
    Water is a valuable and vital part of our everyday lives, however in the unpredictable Australian climate, we need to be careful and smart about the way that we use it. These pages provide a range of information on how to capture, conserve and reuse water at home as well as how to get involved in helping Marrickville to become a water sensitive city.
  • Energy
    Most of the electricity that is produced in NSW is generated from burning coal, however coal fired power stations are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in NSW and therefore the largest contributor to climate change in the state. This section provides information on reducing energy consumption, saving money and looking after the environment.
  • Recycling and waste
    Council provides the community with more extensive services than just collecting waste and recycling from people's homes. Council's services also include a litter bin service in streets and parks, removal and management of litter, removal of illegal dumping, a free booked household clean up service and the collection of waste and recycling from local events. For more information about these services, please follow the 'Recycling and Waste' link above.
  • Gardening
    Marrickville Council encourages people to grow their own food organically where possible as well as increase the levels of native biodiversity in household gardens. This page provides information on gardening organically and sustainably in an urban environment as well as links to other relevant websites.
  • Sustainable design and renovation
    Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today's generation without compromising future generations. Visit this page for links to various resources for sustainable building design, development and renovation.
  • Rebates and support
    Local, State and Federal governments provide financial support for a range of energy and water savings devices and initiatives. This page provides you with an overview of the rebates and support available, with links to more detailed information about specific programs.
  • Spring Garden Competition
    Marrickville Council's Spring Garden Competition runs yearly. Residents and businesses are invited to enter this great community event - whether a beginner gardener or a horticulturalist, whether you have a courtyard garden or a large backyard. This page provides information about the competition such as entry categories and how to get involved.