Featured artist: Shannon Crees

Sustainable design and renovation

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Household sustainable design and renovation

Council works with its community to create a well-planned and sustainable urban environment. Council encourages residents to consider incorporating sustainable design principles into buildings and renovation.

Meet James, Jeni and Alan who renovated using practical sustainable design features, or come on a Sustainable House tour.

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design considers the relationship of the building to the local environment and community, and the broader environment and community, for now and in the future.

Guidelines and practical tips are available on Your Home, Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes.   

Sustainable designers, builders and renovators consider:

How Council can assist you 

Home owners and their sustainable renovations

Follow the stories of the owners of sustainable houses and learn about the process, products and valuable design ideas.

Image courtesy of James Robertson of Lewisham House

Image courtesy of James Robertson, Lewisham House


The North Sydney Eco Home

The North Sydney Eco House


Visit houses on Sustainable House Day, held every year in September.

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