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Unwanted advertising material

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Are you receiving unwanted advertising material?

Rethink WasteMost major retailers are signatories of a voluntary Code of Practice:

  • Rule #1: 'Do Not place material in receptacles where a sign requesting non delivery is displayed'

For more info about where advertising material should be left, visit the code of practice website.

What can you do about it?

Stick a 'No Advertising Material' sticker on your letterbox. These are available at Marrickville Council's Customer Service Centre, the Green Living Centre, libraries and community centres.

What if you STILL get advertising from these major companies?

Contact the Distribution Standards Board on 1800 676 136 or dsb@catalogue.asn.au.

What if you get unwanted advertising from smaller companies that are not signatories to the Code of Practice?

Pick up the phone, call the company, and ask to speak to the manager. Suggest that they ask their distributor to desist putting material in letterboxes with No Advertising Material stickers. Point out that receiving material in spite of your sticker makes you think badly of the company, and less likely to use their services/buy their product.

What if you don't mind receiving advertising, but distributors are leaving advertising, including newspapers, on the wall or footpath?

By law material must be placed in a letterbox (or under your door). It is illegal to place it on a wall, a pathway, doorstep, or poked through a fence (just to name a few examples) and constitutes a litter offence under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

Keep the material and call your local council, police station, the Environment Protection Authority or National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Don't want to receive a community newspaper?

You will need to contact them direct – contact details can usually be found near the "contents" section of the publication.

Don't want to receive the White Pages?

Go to www.directoryselect.com.au/action/home or call 1800 008 292.

Don't want to receive junk phone calls?

Register at the Do Not Call website or call 1300 792 958.

Why reduce junk mail (unwanted advertising material)?

  • Reduce paper use and save trees
  • Reduce waste disposal fees for Council, thereby diverting your rates to other important services
  • Save money for businesses – help them target their advertising and reduce their advertising costs
  • Improve home security – a build-up of junk mail let’s people know you're away

More information

For more information, visit the NSW Environmental Protection Authority website.