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Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Business Environment Awards

2015 Business Environment Awards

2015 Business Environment Awards

2015 Business Environment Awards

Every year in November, Marrickville Council hosts an awards evening to celebrate the sustainability achievements of our local business community. The awards are always well attended and provide a great opportunity for our local business owners to meet, and share their success stories.

2015 awardees and finalists

Sustainability Leadership Award

Winner: Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs

Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs have adopted a host of resource efficient technologies and processes including solar panels, lighting, gas powered equipment and water tanks. This strategy has reduced their environmental impact while growing their business in a characteristically energy-intensive industry.

Highly commended: Addison Road Community Centre Organisation

Sustainability principles underpin the business model of this community organisation and the centre is an important conduit for the people of Marrickville, supporting a variety of environmental and community development projects.


Sustainable Innovation Award

Winner: Dresden Optics

Dresden's pioneering approach to eyewear treats recycling and sustainability as standard rather than special. Using injection moulding, Dresden Optics is looking to turn a vast range of waste plastic materials into quality products.

Highly commended: Gigi Pizzeria

This year Gigi Pizzeria launched an entirely plant-based menu after 8 years of operation. Taking inspiration from the original Napoli pizza which featured no animal products, Gigi is an example of restaurant thinking outside the square on sustainability.


Rethink Waste Award

WinnerTwo Chaps

Two Chaps works hard to challenge food and packaging waste at every opportunity. The café works with local suppliers to avoid or reduce packaging such as coffee bags and makes food from scratch to further avoid packaging. Two Chaps converts all of its food waste to compost in partnership with Marrickville Public School.

Highly commendedDresden Optics

Dresden makes eyewear frames, lenses and packaging that are all fully recyclable. They are teaming up with local businesses to make recycled frames using plastic waste such as milk bottle tops and takeaway food containers.


Energy Smart Award

WinnerPetersham Bowling Club

Petersham Bowling Club has worked hard on reducing their carbon footprint with the following energy saving initiatives:

  • Upgrading all refrigeration and lighting for energy efficiency
  • Switching to a gas hot water system
  • Fitting window awnings to reduce air-conditioning use; and
  • Installing 21 solar panels

Highly commendedMarrickville Prestige Smash Repairs

Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs have installed a range of energy smart technologies, including 24 solar panels, LED lighting and more efficient gas powered equipment in the form of spray booths and a curing arch.


Water Saver Award

Winner: Addison Road Community Centre Organisation

Addison Road Community Organisation waters all green spaces with recycled water and uses rain water from tanks to service 85% of the toilets on their site. The organisation has shown fantastic commitment to water saving initiatives, reducing their water consumption by nearly 20% since 2014.


Beyond Our Four Walls Award

Winner: Alfalfa House Community Food Cooperative

Alfalfa House sources mostly organic products, offers fair trade goods and supports local food production. They also allow customers to avoid packaging by providing bulk items and reusable containers.


Community Leadership Award

WinnerThe Social Outfit

The Social Outfit is a local social enterprise that aims to make a difference in the fashion world. The organisation provides skill development and promotes social inclusion to people from refugee and marginalised communities.


Photos of 2014 awards event