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Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Petersham Town Hall

The Council Archives hold the surviving historical records of the following Councils

  • Marrickville (1861 - 2016)
  • Petersham (1872 - 1948)*
  • St Peters (1871 - 1948)*

At the Archives you can

  • Research the history of your house, find out when it was built and your house’s name
  • Find the address of an ancestor’s house 
  • Research the development and social history of the local area

Major Council records  in the Archives

Information can be found as indicated by the Councils listed and their date ranges.

Rate and Valuation Books

Information recorded in rate and valuation books varies between Councils over time. Generally information recorded includes names of property owners and occupiers, property name, subdivision, property description, improved and unimproved capital property value.

  • Marrickville Council 1886 - 1984
  • Petersham Council 1872 - 1948
  • St Peters Council 1884 - 1947

Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes record Council activities and decisions.

  • Marrickville Council 1905 - 2016
  • Petersham Council 1872 - 1948
  • St Peters Council 1871 - 1948

Building and Subdivision Registers

The Registers contain brief information about the date applications were submitted to Council for approval, the decision made by Council, name of the owner, name of the builder and type of building work.

  • Marrickville Council 1922 - 1957
  • Petersham Council 1911 - 1949
  • St Peters Council 1919 - 1948

Correspondence Files

Files contain correspondence on a wide range of topics to and from local residents, businesses and government departments.

  • Marrickville Council 1918 - 1959
  • Petersham Council 1940 - 1948
  • St Peters Council 1920 - 1949

Click here for a complete list of Archives holdings

*Petersham and St Peters Councils amalgamated with Marrickville Council in 1949.


Location and opening hours

Petersham Town Hall
1st Floor, 105–107 Crystal Street
Petersham NSW 2049

Wednesdays 9.30am-5pm by appointment only. Closed between 1pm-2pm.

Access to the Archives is free.

A paid research service is available, click here for more information.