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Newtown ArtSeat

Artwork by Jumpy (2013)
Artwork by Jumpy (2013)

The Newtown ArtSeat presents innovative contemporary art to the local community and provides artists and community groups with the opportunity to exhibit in public space for the purpose of experimental, non-commercial artistic outcomes.

The Newtown ArtSeat can be used for socio-historical exhibitions, collaborative work, photography, multi-media or any other form of cultural expression conceived for this purpose built structure and location.

The Newtown ArtSeat is brought to you by Inner West Council, with support from Arts NSW and the City of Sydney.

Applications for Newtown ArtSeat 2017 program

Applications for the Newtown ArtSeat 2017 program are open until Wednesday 5 October, 5pm.

The Newtown ArtSeat can be used for, but not limited to, the presentation of experimental work, commercial work, socio-historical exhibitions, collaborative work, art, sculpture, folk art, font/text based artwork, photography, curated exhibitions, installations, community arts, the display of poetry, writing, multi-media, new technology and/or any other form of art or cultural expression suitable within to the existing structure.

Now on exhibition

Capiche – Prey

Capiche, 'Prey'

Prey is part of a series called Meet the Family, a dysfunctional group that plays with perception. The works are a reflection of how quickly we judge or assume the obvious. At first glance the images seem obvious in their expression and meaning. However, after reading the title it adds a whole new dimension to the work, introducing a new conclusion.


For further information about ArtSeat, please contact the Arts and Cultural Development Coordinator  (02) 9335 2280 or email

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