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Newtown ArtSeat

Artwork by Jumpy (2013)
Artwork by Jumpy (2013)

The Newtown ArtSeat presents innovative contemporary art to the local community and provides artists and community groups with the opportunity to exhibit in public space for the purpose of experimental, non-commercial artistic outcomes.

The Newtown ArtSeat can be used for socio-historical exhibitions, collaborative work, photography, multi-media or any other form of cultural expression conceived for this purpose built structure and location.

The Newtown ArtSeat is brought to you by Marrickville Council, with support from Arts NSW and the City of Sydney.

Now on exhibition

Anne Zahalka – Newtown: where you can be yourself!

Anne Zahalka - Newtown: where you can be yourself!

2 February – 31 March 2016

Based on original pub paintings from the 1930s that idealised Australian sport and leisure, this image from the series Homeground! re-writes these classic old advertisements to comment on their stereotyping and to reflect the changes in demographic and lifestyle that have taken place in the area. It is a celebration of the citizens of this suburb with its diverse and colourful community that is unique to this city.

Newtown: see it for yourself!


For further information about ArtSeat, please contact the Arts and Cultural Development Coordinator  (02) 9335 2280 or email