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Economic development

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Economic development

Council's Community Plan 2021 envisages that:

In 2021, Marrickville's businesses are confident, thriving and responsive to the needs of the local community. Its industrial areas are revitalised and remain and important part of the local economy, while high tech, creative and eco enterprises prevail.

Council supports business to achieve this vision through its Economic Development Unit. The Economic Development Unit was established by Marrickville Council in the 2010/2011 financial year. It comprises an Economic Development Manager and an Economic Development Officer.

Our Role

  • Developing marketing material on Marrickville as a business location
  • Promoting Marrickville for business attraction and investment
  • Working in partnership with the local community to strengthen existing businesses and grow the local economy
  • Targeting growth industry sectors and attracting new activities
  • Facilitating the delivery of programs tailored for small business
  • Exploring opportunities for skills development
  • Securing government funding for major projects and economic development initiatives
  • Identifying the future infrastructure needs to support employment growth
  • Providing input to planning policies to facilitate employment growth
  • Engaging with business and the community on economic development issues
  • Monitoring the local economy and compiling relevant economic data
  • Advocating for the economic future of Marrickville

Contact the Economic Development Unit

For further information please contact Council's Economic Development Unit: