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Change of address or ownership

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Change of address or ownership

Under section 11(1) of the Companion Animals Act 1998, the owner of an identified companion animal (whether or not it is registered) must notify the Director-General when any of the following happens:

  • (a) any change occurs in the registration information or identification information for the animal (notification must be given within 14 days after the change occurs),
  • (b) the making or revocation of a declaration by a court under Part 5 that the animal (being a dog) is dangerous (notification must be given within 7 days after the declaration is made or revoked),
  • (c) the animal dies (notification must be given within 28 days after the animal dies),
  • (d) the animal has been missing for more than 72 hours (notification must be given within 96 hours after the animal went missing),
  • (d1) the animal has been found after having been reported missing (notification must be given within 72 hours after the animal is found),
  • (e) any other event prescribed as a notifiable event by the regulations.

When you purchase a companion animal or have been given a companion animal, ensure that the previous owner or breeder sends the local Council a signed and completed Change of Ownership Form.

For peace of mind, Council recommends that you contact Council to ensure that the details are changed and as much information is provided in the event your pet goes missing or is stolen. The more information and contact details available on the Companion Animals Register will increase the chances your pet will be returned to you.

If you sell or give away a companion animal, it is your responsibility as the 'old owner' to update the new owner's details on the Companion Animals Register at your local Council, otherwise penalties may apply.