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Lost dogs

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on (02) 9392 5000 to lodge a request. You will be asked to provide a detailed description of your dogs colour, breed, gender, whether he/she is wearing a collar and if he/she is microchipped.

Council will then place a lost report on Council's customer service request management system. If the dog is microchipped and you can provide the microchip number, Council will also place a ‘missing' notification on the NSW Companion Animals Register where the animals microchip details are held.

Please ensure your details on your dog's microchip are correct and up to date. Council officers seizing stray dogs will attempt to contact the owner before taking the dog to Council's Animal Impounding facility.

Marrickville Council officers make all attempts to return companion animals seized within the Marrickville Local Government are to their owners; however, if an owner cannot be contacted, the animal is transported to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
77 Edward Street, Carlton
Phone: 9587 9611
Fax: 9588 9569
Website: http://www.sydneydogsandcatshome.org
Email: mail@sydneydogsandcatshome.org

Opening hours:
Mon–Fri: 9am – 3pm
Sat–Sun: 10am – 2pm

Viewing hours:
Dogs: 9am – 1pm daily
Cats: 10am – 2pm daily

Please contact the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home regularly to check if your dog has been impounded. You may also visit their website where a list of recently impounded dogs can be viewed. Council recommends you personally visit the Shelter regularly to check if your dog has been impounded. Council also recommends you consider taking the following action;

  • Contact the local veterinary hospitals in the area and adjoining areas
  • Contact and visit the RSPCA (Phone: 9770 7555) and/or the Animal Welfare League (Phone: 9606 9333)
  • Place an ad in the local paper
  • Speak to your local shop owner about placing an Ad in their shop
  • Speak to your neighbours and ask them to search their premises, inside sheds, under the house etc
  • Contact Pet Search (phone: 1300 309 004) or Lost Pet Finders (phone: 1300 725 640)
  • Post a report and recent photo on social media pages, such as Facebook pages 'Lost pets in NSW' or 'Lost in the Inner West' and local community pages
  • Create a flyer with a recent photo of your pet and your contact details and deliver in surrounding letterboxes and shops
  • Ask neighbours to check their backyard and sheds

NOTE: Please remember to notify the above persons when you have found your dog.