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Transport and infrastructure

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Transport and infrastructure

Marrickville Council is committed to effective management of local roads, local developments and car parking for its citizens.

However, making the most of our vibrant community doesn't have to involve a car.

Council is committed to sustainable transport – reducing car use and increasing use of public transport, walking and cycling. By promoting non-motorised transport and public transport, Council hopes to help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse emissions. Initiatives that limit car use such as car sharing and car pooling are also encouraged.

In this section

For more information on transport in the Marrickville area, see the sub-pages listed below.

  • Parking
    Marrickville Council manages parking to balance the needs of residents, commuters and visitors.
  • Car share
    Marrickville Council has supported car sharing since 2007 as part of a holistic approach to encouraging more sustainable modes of travel and reducing over-dependency on the private car.
  • Cycling
    Cycling is a convenient, sustainable and enjoyable way to get around Marrickville. Council is currently implementing a Bicycle Strategy that includes a network plan, parking plan, better integration with public transport and bicycle friendly streets and neighbourhoods.
  • Walking
    Walking is a sustainable, healthy and sociable form of getting around. A range of recreational walks (also known as Walk Wise routes) has been developed in the Marrickville area.
  • Public transport
    Marrickville is served by a comprehensive and convenient public transport network. See this page for links to timetables, maps and travel advice.
  • Road safety
    Marrickville Council is working to promote road safety to reduce accidents in the area, as set out in Council's Strategic Plan. Visit this page to find road safety data, along with tips for parents, drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.
  • Stormwater
    Marrickville Council has the primary responsibility for managing urban stormwater in the area. This section contains information for residents and developers on stormwater management in Marrickville.

Related pages

Transport and traffic-related pages in other areas of Council's website include the following:

  • Pedestrian, Cyclist and Traffic Calming Addvisory Committee (Traffic Committee)
    Advises Council on traffic and parking control matters for which Council has been delegated authority from the NSW Roads & Maritime Services. Recommendations from the committee are made on technical grounds, and then escalated to Council's Assets Committee for decision.
  • Transport Committee
    A forum for discussion and advice to Council on transport issues in the Marrickville Council area and region. Members include local community representatives as well as representatives from NSW Roads & Maritime Services and Transport for NSW.
  • Integrated Transport Strategy
    Provides the rationale and recommended actions for addressing local transport issues and moving Marrickville towards sustainable transport. The Strategy guides Council's transport planning and informs the community and other stakeholders of the work Council is already undertaking to promote sustainable transport in Marrickville.
  • Your Say Marrickville – Council's online community engagement hub
    This is the place for you to stay informed about all proposed transport and traffic projects, be part of the decision making process and join in the conversation.
  • Accessible transport
    Council has prepared an Accessible Public Transport Information Kit to explain the issues and priorities about accessible transport in the local area.
  • Community transport
    Council provides a community transport service for frail aged people and people living with disabilities and their carers who are unable to use public transport.

Staying Active in Marrickville Map

Council is committed to encouraging active forms of transport such as cycling and walking, for their individual health benefits, as well as being low impact on the environment.

The "Staying Active in Marrickville" map includes on-road and off-road cycling routes, bus routes with stops, CityRail train stations, walking tracks, accessible pedestrian pathways and bicycle parking. Featured destinations include parks, schools, shopping strips, childcare centres, neighbourhood information centres, libraries and other amenities.

The map is temporarily unavailable in printed form, but is still available to download below in PDF format.