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Types of permits

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Types of parking permits

Council issues the following types of parking permits:

  • Resident parking permits
    Issued to residents of eligible properties in one of Council's permit parking areas.
  • Resident's visitor parking permits
    Single-use permits for permanent residents of eligible properties to issue to a visitor.
  • Business parking permits
    Issued to businesses registered at an address within one of Council's permit parking areas.
  • Trades parking permits
    Issued to residents to enable a tradesperson's vehicle(s) to park in a permit zone, subject to conditions.
  • Resident's personal carer parking permits
    A single carer's permit may be allocated to a resident, provided that eligibility requirements are met.
  • Care worker parking permits (offsite link)
    The care worker parking permit is a joint permit which can be used within the City of Sydney, Leichhardt and Marrickville local government areas. An organisation may be eligible for care worker parking permits if it routinely engages in the provision of in-home care services. This is different to the resident's personal carer permit, which is for all carers including non-accredited personal carers. Application for the permit can be made through the City of Sydney website.