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Personal carer parking permits

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Personal carer parking permits

A single personal carer's permit may be allocated to a resident, provided that eligibility requirements are met. The permit is only to be used in the area of residence and is issued for the term stated by the doctor or the Local Health District annually.

Proof of residency must be provided with all applications. Council requires the resident to complete the application form below and provide a letter from a Local Health District or doctor's certificate stating that the resident requires a personal carer. Failure to provide this information will result in your application being refused.

How do personal carer parking permits work?

The personal carer's permit label must be displayed on the passenger side dashboard of the carer's vehicle to exempt the vehicle from time limits imposed by signposting bearing the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' and the corresponding area code. The permit must be visible through the front windscreen and expire on the date printed on the permit.

Please note that the permit does not give any special rights outside of the designated areas. There is no exemption from 'No Stopping' or 'No Parking' areas, parking too close to corners, double parking, parking on footpaths, time limited parking signs that do not bear the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' within the corresponding parking area, or any other parking rules.

Who is eligible to apply for a personal carer parking permit?

A resident is eligible to receive a personal carer's permit provided that:

  • The property is used for residential purposes
  • The resident lives in the area to which the residential parking scheme applies
  • The resident has a letter from the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC), the Local Health District, or a doctor's certificate
  • A maximum of one permit may be issued per household
  • A parking permit scheme exists within the street (i.e. permissive parking sign stating 'Permit Holders Excepted')


  1. In some cases not all properties within a street will qualify for a parking permit.
  2. There are a small number of properties in parking permit areas where special development conditions exclude the issue of parking permits.
  3. Permits are only issued for residential properties and to a resident requiring specialised care. Property owners who do not live at the property are not eligible for a permit.
  4. Permits cannot be issued to tradesmen, shopkeepers or commercial tenants.
  5. Permits may only be issued for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles under 3 tonnes.

Conditions of use

  • A permit entitles the personal carer to unrestricted parking only where signs state  'Authorised Resident Vehicles Excepted' or 'Permit Holders Excepted' in the area to which your permit applies.
  • To be valid, permits need to be clearly visible on the dashboard in the carer's vehicle.
  • Permit holders must park in accordance with the Australian Road Rules.
  • Only one (1) transferable personal carer permit can be issued per household (dwelling house, semi detachable dwelling and multiple dwelling).
  • Alteration or misuse of the permit is an offence.
  • Permits remain the property of Council at all times.

What is the cost of the personal carer parking permit?

There is no charge for a personal carer parking permit, provided all eligibility conditions are met.

What if I lose my personal carer parking permit?

Approval for replacement permit is subject to the discretion of Council. Should the evidence and circumstances be considered sufficient to warrant a replacement of the permit, a fee would be payable prior to the issue of a new permit.

How do I apply?

New applications for parking permits can be made online or at the Petersham Customer Service Centre, located at 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham.

For a replacement permit, a written application must be submitted to Council via the following application form: