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Resident parking permits

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Resident parking permits

Residential parking permits – Inner West Council (Marrickville)

Residents can apply for a permit to affix to their vehicle to exempt their vehicle from time limits imposed by signposting, bearing the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' within the corresponding parking area. The permits are only to be used in the area of residence and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

To be valid, the permit must be displayed on the inside of the front windscreen on the passenger side of the vehicle and clearly visible.

How do resident parking permits work?

Resident parking permits are issued annually and new applications must be made by the permanent resident prior to the expiry date displayed on the previous permit.

The permit will only be valid for the relevant parking permit area and will not enable holders to park with exemptions in any other area in which similar schemes operate.

Please note that the permit does not give any special rights outside of the designated areas. There is no exemption from 'No Stopping' or 'No Parking' areas, parking too close to corners, double parking, parking on footpaths, time limited parking signs that do not bear the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' within the corresponding parking area, or any other parking rules.

Who is eligible to apply for a resident parking permit?

  • To be eligible to participate in the scheme, a person must be a permanent resident within the relevant precinct.
  • Proof of both vehicle registration and residential address must be provided as part of the parking permit application.
  • Under the conditions laid down by NSW Roads and Maritime Services, residents of hotels are not eligible to participate in the scheme.
  • Developments within the local government area involving land use changes, new commercial and/or multi-unit housing developments are excluded from participation in any resident or business parking permit scheme.

All parking permit areas except M3 and M14

Eligible properties (with the exception of properties in the Newtown–Enmore parking precinct, areas M3 and M14) can apply for a maximum of two (2) resident parking permits MINUS one (1) for each off-street parking space available at the property, or which may reasonably be provided, off-street, regardless of its current use, in accordance with NSW Roads and Maritime Services' Permit Parking Guidelines:

No. of off-street parking spacesNo. of vehicles registered/used at the propertyNo. of Resident permits allowed
0 2 or more 2
1 2 1
2 or more 2 or more 0

e.g. If the residence has one (1) off-street parking space, the household can only apply for one (1) resident permit, if you have two (2) registered vehicles used at the residence. No resident permits are issued to residences with two (2) or more off-street parking spaces.

Newtown–Enmore parking precinct (areas M3 and M14)

Eligible properties in the Newtown–Enmore parking precinct can apply for a maximum of one (1) free transferrable resident parking permit per eligible property. Each transferrable permit exempts one (1) vehicle at any one time, with the permit available for use, at different times, by up to three (3) vehicles registered at the eligible property:

Number of off-street parking spacesNumber vehicles registered/used at the propertyNumber of resident permits allowed
0 1 1
1 or more 1 or more 0

e.g. If the residence has no off-street parking space, the household can apply for (1) resident parking permit. No resident parking permits are issued to residences with off-street parking spaces, or which can be modified to provide off-street parking regardless of its current use, in accordance with NSW Road and Maritime Services' Permit Parking Guide.

Pensioner or Commonwealth Health Care Card holders

Applications for a pensioner discount must also attach a copy of either their Blue Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Health Care Card to their application to obtain the discounted fee.

What vehicles may be eligible for a resident parking permit?

Residents of the precinct who do not have off-street parking available for their vehicles or elsewhere in the vicinity, or whose residence could not easily be converted to allow for such parking, are eligible for issue of a permit upon completion of an application form – and where applicable, payment of the fee – provided that:

  1. The vehicle, not being a caravan or other trailer, is registered to the applicant's present residential address, and may legally parked on-street for an extended period (i.e. it is less than 3 tonnes unladen)
    The vehicle is a company vehicle usually parked at the applicant's address overnight. In this case, written authorisation from the company in question must accompany any application, stating that the applicant has private use of the vehicle.
  2. The vehicle is to be registered. Residents' unregistered vehicles are not eligible to apply.

What is the cost of the resident parking permit?

Under Council's fees and charges, the first resident parking permit issued per qualifying household is free of charge. Please note that the second permit is subject to Council's fees and charges.

Any fees charged are used to partially defray the costs necessarily incurred by Council for administration, operation and enforcement of the parking permit scheme. No fee is refundable once a permit is issued.

What if I lose my resident parking permit?

Approval for replacement permit is subject to the discretion of Council. Should the evidence and circumstances be considered sufficient to warrant a replacement of the permit, a fee would be payable prior to the issue of a new permit.

How do I apply?

New applications for parking permits can be made online or at the Petersham Customer Service Centre, located at 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham.

For a replacement permit, a written application must be submitted to Council via the following application form: