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Trades parking permits

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Trades parking permits

Permanent residents or property owners may obtain a trades parking permit to display on the dashboard of their tradesperson's vehicle(s) – e.g. plumbers, builders etc. – at their property in a controlled parking permit zone which is not their permanent place of employment. Proof of work is required for the particular site, i.e. an estimate or invoice (which is verifiable) to be submitted with each application.

How do trades parking permits work?

A trades parking permit allows the holder to park in the specified zone for two weeks (with an extension of a maximum one week granted due to unforeseen circumstances). These permits are not valid on off-street car parks or private roads, and do not guarantee the use or availability of any space. Trades permits are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable. The resident is responsible for management of the permit. Replacement permits will not be issued if lost or stolen.

Please note that the permit does not give any special rights outside of the designated areas. There is no exemption from 'No Stopping' or 'No Parking' areas, bus zones, taxi zones, work zones, loading zones, parking too close to corners, double parking, parking on footpaths, time limited parking signs that do not bear the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' within the corresponding parking area, or any other parking rules.

Who is eligible to apply for a trades parking permit?

To be eligible to participate in the scheme a person must be a permanent resident or owner within the precinct.

Proof of residency is required, such as an existing valid parking permit, driver's licence, rate notice, utility bill or lease agreement.

Under the conditions laid down by NSW Roads and Maritime Services, residents of hotels and hostels are not eligible to participate in the scheme.

What vehicles may be eligible for a trades parking permit?

Applicants issue the permit to their tradesperson upon approval of the application form, provided that the tradesperson's vehicle – not being a caravan or other trailer – has current registration and may legally be parked on-street for extended periods (i.e. is less than 4.5 tonnes unladen). Vehicle registration details are not required for tradesperson parking as the permit can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

The applicant(s) are personally responsible for all permits issued to them. The applicant must ensure that the trades parking permit is used only by bona fide tradespersons and NOT sold or transferred or assigned to another party. Failure to adhere to this may deny the issue of any further tradesperson parking permits to the applicant.

Council reserves the right to withdraw one or all permits from the applicant.

Conditions of use

  • The trades parking permit label must be display on the passenger side of the dashboard of the trades vehicle to exempt the vehicle from time limits imposed by signposting bearing the words 'Permit Holders Excepted' and the corresponding area code. Council does not guarantee the availability of a parking space outside the property or even in the street.
  • Failure to display the permit on the vehicle so that all inscriptions are clearly visible while from the outside of the vehicle may result in a parking infringement notice being issued.
  • The permit will only be valid for the relevant precinct, and will not enable holders to park with exemptions in any other area in which similar schemes operate.
  • A maximum of 2 trades parking permits are available per household at any one time.
  • Proof of residency or ownership must be provided with the application.
  • Council requires the resident or owner to provide a copy of the estimate or invoice from the tradesperson for the works showing the resident's name and address. This must be on business letterhead.
  • Trades parking permits will only be issued for home renovations and not new constructions or additions. Failure to provide this information will result in your application being refused.
  • The resident is responsible for management. Replacement trades parking permits will not be issued if a permit is lost or stolen.

What is the cost of the trades parking permit?

Refer to Council's fees and charges.

Any fees charged are used to partially defray the costs necessarily incurred by Council for administration, operation and enforcement of the scheme. No fee is refundable once a permit is issued.

What if I lose my trades parking permit?

Replacement permits will not be issued if lost or stolen. An application will need to be submitted for a new permit.

How do I apply?

New applications for parking permits can be made online or at the Petersham Customer Service Centre, located at 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham.