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Recreation Needs Research

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Recreation Needs Research

The Recreation Needs Research – Strategic Directions for Marrickville (RNR) report comprises the most comprehensive independent research and consultation project undertaken by Council into recreation needs, facilities and services in the local area since 1993. The project successfully engaged with the community with over 1,100 people participating in the consultation process, providing a sound foundation for the report findings. The RNR provides Council with an important tool for effective recreation financial and infrastructure planning.

Council adopted the report on 20 November 2012 and the resolution should be noted as it contains relevant information to specific items. Council's resolution is as follows:


  1. Council receive and note the report;
  2. Council endorse the Recreation Needs Research – Strategic Directions for Marrickville report;
  3. the Recreation Needs Research – Strategic Directions for Marrickville report is used to inform the development of a Marrickville Recreation Policy and Strategy, Section 94 Contributions Plan and other relevant Council planning documents;
  4. Council acknowledges there will be no changes to the configuration of the Marrickville Golf Course which will remain an 18 hole golf course;
  5. Council endorse the implementation of a program of works next financial year, prioritising works at Camperdown Park; and
  6. Council endorse the preparation of a budget briefing paper for Council’s consideration as part of the upcoming annual budget process, outlining a proposed refurbishment plan for Camperdown Park, including resurfacing, drainage, lighting, amenity improvements, along with estimated costs for consideration and inclusion in the capital works program.

Council Officers have developed a draft Marrickville Recreation Policy and Strategy which will address the recommendations of the RNR and present a strategic approach to the development of recreation resources, services and programs across the local government area.