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Youth Strategy

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Youth Strategy

The Marrickville Council Youth Strategy 2009–11 outlines Council's vision for the future and provides strategic direction to assist in planning for current and future generations of young people living in Marrickville. Council is working towards increasing opportunities for young people, in a safe and healthy way, to develop their capabilities and to engage in education and the workforce, as well as in the recreation and cultural life of the Marrickville community.

The Youth Strategy reinforces Council's commitment to:

  • Value and encourage the participation of young people in planning and decision making and community life in general;
  • Improve access to a range of government and non-government  services and facilities for young people in the community;
  • Implement communication and technology strategies that are relevant and accessible to young people;
  • Support the development of education, training, and employment opportunities that are relevant and that prepare young people, in all their diversity, to actively engage in society, to contribute to their own wellbeing and that of the community;
  • Support a range of recreational, artistic and cultural facilities and activities and will encourage and enable young people to engage in them in a positive way;
  • Support programs addressing the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of young people;
  • Support the development of public spaces where young people can meet together safely.

You can download a copy of th Youth Strategy below: