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Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget

Front covers of 2014–15 planning documents

Marrickville Community Strategic Plan – Our Place, Our Vision

The Marrickville Community Strategic Plan outlines the key objectives and strategies for our community over the next 10 years.

In developing the original 2010 plan – and again in 2012/13 when the plan was reviewed and updated – Council used a number of innovative and effective consultation mechanisms to ensure that the voice of the community was captured. Direct quotes and comments from community members are woven throughout the document.

A new Inner West Community Strategic Plan is being developed in 2018.

Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget

The Delivery Program outlines how Council will work over the next 4 years to achieve the long-term community goals and priorities laid out in the Community Strategic Plan. It establishes the overall operating framework for all Council activities and is the core planning document to guide Council's policies and programs.

Supporting the Delivery Program is the Operational Plan, which details the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken each year to implement the Delivery Program. It directly addresses each action outlined in the Delivery Program, and expands on these by identifying the specific services and projects Council will provide during the current financial year.

Pricing Policy and Fees & Charges

Council provides a complete listing of its fees and charges for the current financial year, along with information on the basis for pricing.

Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy identifies how Council's resources – financial, technological, workforce and assets – will be used to achieve the goals set in the Community Strategic Plan.

The strategy will be reviewed as part of the development of the new Inner West Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program.

The Resourcing Strategy provides an overview of the following four elements:

  1. Long Term Financial Plan (PDF)
  2. ICT Plan (PDF)
  3. Workforce Plan (PDF)
  4. Asset Management Strategy and Policy and the following Asset Management Plans:

Marrickville Council wishes to thank everybody that participated in the consultation process and submitted comments regarding these plans.

Council reports back to the community on its progress in implementing the Delivery Program through its Annual Report.