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Swimming pool compliance certificate

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Swimming pool compliance certificate

Why is Council coming to inspect my pool?

Recent amendments to the Swimming Pools Act by the NSW Government requires all councils to introduce a swimming pool barrier inspection program with the aim of ensuring that swimming pools are protected by a child proof barrier designed to Australian Standard requirements.

For further information about the safety of swimming pools please visit the swimming pool safety page.

What is a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate?

The Division of Local Government announced an extension to the requirement for a property with a swimming pool to have a certificate of compliance before it is sold or leased on 28 March 2014. Pool owners must have a compliance certificate before sale or lease of their property from 29 April 2016

If the property is not for sale or lease then a 'Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate' is optional until the property is audited via the inspection program.

What happens after the inspection?

If the swimming pool barrier is satisfactory, Council will issue a Certificate of Compliance.

If work is required to make the barrier compliant council will provide a report detailing the areas where the barrier is not compliant. You will also receive a "Notice of Intention to Serve A Direction" and a Draft "Direction To Comply". These contain the timeframes you will have to make the barrier compliant.

When the required work has been completed you will need to advise council so that another inspection can be made. If the barrier is then considered compliant a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

For further information and to arrange inspections please contact Customer Service on 93352222.

The fees and charges for pool safety inspections are set by the State Government and can be found on Council's website.

What if I already have a Certificate of Compliance or an Occupation Certificate for my pool?

Should the pool already have a Certificate or Compliance or a relevant Occupation Certificate that is less than three (3) years old, there is no requirement for the pool to be inspected as part of the Inspection Program.

Assessment timeframes for Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates

The initial timeframe for assessment for a Construction Certificate can take up to ten (10) Working days.

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate fees

For Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate fees, please refer to Council's Fees and Charges.

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate application/checklist forms

Council's Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate forms can be found on this page under the 'Building-related applications' heading.