Planning and zoning maps

Planning and zoning maps
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Planning and zoning maps

Important notice

The information in the following maps do not show all information related to the individual property and should be regarded as an indicative guide only.

If information is required for the purposes of a financial transaction, of any nature, then you should seek independent advice and obtain all information and searches from the appropriate government agencies.

Marrickville Local Environment Plan (MLEP) 2011

The Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (MLEP) 2011 came info force by a special notification from the NSW Government on Monday 12 December 2011. This repeals the former Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2001.

You can access the map component of the MLEP 2011 via the link below:

Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) maps

The ANEF 2033 maps are used as the main reference to assess aircraft noise impacts in the Marrickville Local Government Area.