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Marrickville DCP 2011

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Marrickville Development Control Plan 2011

Marrickville Development Control Plan (MDCP) 2011 came into force on 15 December 2011, soon after the gazettal of Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (MLEP) 2011.

The first round of amendments to MDCP 2011, known as Amendment No. 1, came into force on 11 December 2013. It was a 'housekeeping' amendment which included a number of items. For background information on this amendment, go to the background to MLEP 2011 & MDCP 2011 Amendment No. 1 page.

Amendment No. 3, which relates to revised Masterplan controls for the former Marrickville Hospital site, came into force on 2 March 2015.

Amendment No. 2, a further 'housekeeping' amendment including a number of items, came into force on 14 December 2015.

Amendment No. 4, which relates to land at 141-161 New Canterbury Road, came into force on 5 February 2016.

MDCP 2011 (incorporating Amendment No. 1, Amendment No. 2, Amendment No. 3 and Amendment No. 4) is in ten parts, addressing:

  • Development Application Guidelines
  1. Statutory Information
  2. Generic Provisions (relating to landscaping, car parking, fencing etc.)
  3. Subdivision, Amalgamation and Movement Networks
  4. Residential Development
  5. Commercial and Mixed Use Development
  6. Industrial Development
  7. Miscellaneous Development
  8. Heritage
  9. Strategic Context
  10. Definitions

Those parts contain controls which must be considered in the planning and design of any new development, from alterations and additions to a dwelling house, to new industrial buildings or shop top housing in town centres.

Download MDCP 2011 (incorporating Amendment No. 1, Amendment No. 2 and Amendment No. 3) by part and section

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