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Living Lanes Program

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Living Lanes Program

Wilford L.A.N.E. Project
Wilford Lane – Before

Wilford L.A.N.E. Project
Wilford Lane – Works underway

Wilford L.A.N.E. Project
Wilford Lane – After

Kayes Avenue to Albermarle Street laneway
Kays Avenue East to Albermarle Street – How it looks now

Marrickville Council is working with residents to improve our laneways. By greening urban laneways we can reducing flooding and illegal dumping and return these spaces to the local community.

Wilford Lane

For many years, Wilford Lane in Newtown suffered from flooding, dumping and anti-social behaviour. During the construction of a block of apartments on Enmore Road, Council negotiated with the developers to leave a small parcel of land at the rear of the building for use by local residents. A community survey showed that the majority of locals (79%) wanted the parcel of land to be turned into a communal green space.

Locals formed the Wilford L.A.N.E. Project group and collaborating with Council, the laneway became the site for an innovative, water sensitive urban design project:

  • The road was replaced with porous paving and biofiltration strips to reduce flooding and improve the quality of water draining to the Harbour
  • A rainwater tank was installed to store water for irrigation and to reduce flooding
  • A communal garden was designed and created by the group and they now maintain the garden having leased it from Council

Kays Avenue East to Albermarle Street Living Lane

The laneway between Kays Avenue East and Albermarle Street is well used by cyclists, dog walkers, commuters using Dulwich Hill railway station and locals as a short cut. But it suffers from flooding, dumping and graffiti and is very hot due to a lack of shade and lots of dark, hard surfaces.

The laneway was identified in the Riverside Crescent Subcatchment Management Plan in 2008 as a potential stormwater treatment site to address flooding issues in the area. In 2013, Council met twice with local residents. Residents were asked how they would like their laneway to look and feel so that it would be safer, more attractive and a nicer place to visit. Their ideas were used to shape the designs that are now available for comment.

Using carefully designed, water-sensitive landscaping in the laneway, incorporating ideas from the community design workshop, will help to reduce flooding, filter the stormwater so that it is clean before it drains to the Cooks River, and make the laneway look and feel better and be safer for users.

To comment on the design, please do so in writing by 5pm on Thursday 24 April 2014 by:

  • Mail: Marrickville Council. PO Box 14, Petersham, NSW 2049;
  • Email: council@marrickville.nsw.gov.au; or
  • In person: Council Administration Centre, 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham

The design can be viewed here:

To get involved, leave your comments or find out more, go to http://yoursaymarrickville.com.au/projects/kays-ave-living-lane.


If you are interested in finding out about greening your laneway, please call our Senior Environment Officer, Water and Catchments on 02 9392 5000.