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Street Tree Master Plan

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Street Tree Master Plan

Street trees are one of Marrickville's most important natural assets. The Street Tree Master Plan 2014 recognises the collective ecological, environmental, economic, cultural and social contributions of Marrickville’s street trees. The principle of the Street Tree Master Plan is to "increase the urban tree canopy through sustainable new and replacement tree plantings and maintain street trees throughout the local area" as outlined in Marrickville Council's Community Strategic Plan.

This Master Plan is a guide to aid in the maintenance and future provision of street trees across the entire municipality. The objective of this Master Plan is to provide a sustainable and strategic framework that is used for the management of Marrickville's street tree canopy. The Plan will also contribute to the collective urban forest, for the benefit of all, through good street tree planning, maintenance, enhancement and reinforcing Marrickville's ongoing commitment to the protection of trees.

With implementation of this Master Plan, Marrickville will continue to provide a population of healthy street trees which will beautify and define our urban environment today and become an important legacy for future generations.

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Precinct plans

PrecinctsThis section of the Street Tree Master Plan provides the main guide for future tree planting in Council's streets. The precinct approach addresses local issues and provides appropriate treatments for each precinct on an individual street by street basis.

The design objectives for each precinct are outlined, the precinct conditions are described, and the nominated tree species have been provided for each street.

  1. Dulwich Hill
  2. Dulwich Hill West
  3. Lewisham and Petersham North
  4. Marrickville Central
  5. Marrickville Industrial
  6. Marrickville South
  7. Newtown North and Camperdown
  8. Newtown South and Enmore
  9. Newington (part Stanmore, Enmore, Petersham)
  10. Stanmore North
  11. Sydenham and St Peters
  12. Tempe

Tree data sheets

The following PDF files are in alphabetical order (by botanical name) and provide illustrations and a brief description of the proposed future street tree species for Marrickville.

The descriptions and measurements are a reasonable and indicative guide to the expected typical sizes in Sydney in an average street environment with average soil conditions and moderate moisture levels.

Please note that some trees may gain larger sizes than suggested in the following data sheets but only in very favourable conditions or in their original and natural forest environments. They will seldom make it to those larger sizes in a normal street planting situation.

Botanical nameCommon nameCanopy sizeOriginFoliageNumber of streets
Acacia binervia Coastal Myall medium endemic evergreen 11
Acmena smithii Creek Lilly-Pilly medium endemic evergreen 4
Acmena smithii var. minor Dwarf Creek Lilly-Pilly small endemic evergreen 52
Agathis robusta Queensland Kauri Pine large native evergreen 2
Angophora costata Sydney Red Gum medium endemic evergreen 25
Angophora floribunda Rough-barked Apple medium endemic evergreen 19
Angophora hispida Dwarf Apple small endemic evergreen 36
Araucaria columnaris Cooks Pine large exotic evergreen 2
Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk Island Pine large exotic evergreen 1
Backhousia citriodora Lemon Scented Myrtle small native evergreen 35
Banksia integrifolia Coast Banksia / Coastal Honeysuckle medium endemic evergreen 27
Banksia serrata Old Man Banksia small endemic evergreen 11
Brachychiton acerifolius Illawarra Flame Tree medium native deciduous 5
Brachychiton discolor Lacebark large native deciduous 1
Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Flower small native evergreen 38
Butia capitata Jelly Palm small exotic palm 1
Caesalpinia ferrea Leopard Tree medium exotic deciduous 31
Callistemon salignus Willow Bottlebrush medium endemic evergreen 30
Callistemon viminalis Bottlebrush small native evergreen 25
Camellia sasanqua Camellia small exotic evergreen 16
Casuarina glauca Swamp She-Oak medium endemic evergreen 3
Celtis australis European Nettle Tree / Hackberry medium exotic deciduous 9
Ceratopetalum gummiferum New South Wales Christmas Bush small endemic evergreen 1
Corymbia citriodora Lemon Scented Gum large native evergreen 7
Corymbia eximia Yellow Bloodwood medium endemic evergreen 21
Corymbia maculata Spotted gum large endemic evergreen 49
Cupaniopsis anacardioides Tuckeroo medium endemic evergreen 22
Elaeocarpus eumundi Eumundi Quandong medium native evergreen 28
Elaeocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash small endemic evergreen 9
Eucalyptus haemastoma Scribbly Gum medium endemic evergreen 26
Eucalyptus microcorys Tallow Wood large native evergreen 4
Eucalyptus paniculata Grey Ironbark large endemic evergreen 24
Eucalyptus robusta Swamp Mahogany medium endemic evergreen 3
Eucalyptus sideroxylon Mugga Ironbark large endemic evergreen 1
Eucalyptus tereticornis Forest Red Gum large endemic evergreen 1
Ficus rubiginosa Port Jackson Fig large endemic evergreen 3
Fraxinus griffithii Evergreen Ash small exotic evergreen 9
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green Ash medium exotic deciduous 14
Glochidion ferdinandi Cheese Tree medium endemic evergreen 8
Gordonia axillaris Fried-Egg Plant small exotic evergreen 22
Harpullia pendula Tulipwood medium native evergreen 21
Jacaranda mimosifolia Jacaranda medium exotic deciduous 39
Koelreuteria bipinnata Chinese Rain Tree medium exotic deciduous 16
Koelreuteria paniculata Golden Rain Tree small exotic deciduous 10
Lagerstroemia indica Crepe Myrtle medium exotic deciduous 95
Leptospermum petersonii Lemon Scented Tea Tree small native evergreen 17
Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip Tree medium exotic deciduous 4
Livistona australis Cabbage-tree Palm small endemic palm 2
Lophostemon confertus Brush Box large native evergreen 92
Magnolia grandiflora 'Exmouth' Bull Bay Magnolia small exotic evergreen 11
Melaleuca bracteata Black Tea Tree medium native evergreen 55
Melaleuca linariifolia Snow in Summer small endemic evergreen 2
Melaleuca styphelioides Prickly Paperbark medium endemic evergreen 2
Murraya paniculata Mock Orange small exotic evergreen 7
Photinia × fraseri 'Robusta' Photinia small exotic evergreen 11
Pistacia chinensis Chinese Pistachio medium exotic deciduous 28
Platanus × acerifolia 'Bloodgood' London Plane large exotic deciduous 3
Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer' Callery Pear small exotic deciduous 5
Pyrus ussuriensis Manchurian Pear medium exotic deciduous 36
Sapium sebiferum Chinese Tallow Tree medium exotic deciduous 12
Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel tree medium native evergreen 3
Syncarpia glomulifera Turpentine large endemic evergreen 3
Synoum glandulosum Scentless Rosewood small endemic evergreen 33
Syzygium luehmannii Riberry / Small-leaved Lilly-Pilly medium native evergreen 5
Syzygium paniculatum Brush Cherry/Magenta Cherry medium endemic evergreen 26
Tristaniopsis laurina Water Gum medium endemic evergreen 122
Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens' Golden Elm medium exotic deciduous 4
Ulmus parvifolia 'Todd' Chinese Elm large exotic deciduous 18
Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm small exotic palm 2
Waterhousea floribunda 'Green Avenue' Green Avenue Lilly Pilly large endemic evergreen 26
Xanthostemon chrysanthus Golden Penda small native evergreen 3
Xylosma senticosa Xylosma small exotic evergreen 8
Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase' Green Vase Zelkova medium exotic deciduous 36