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Water management for business

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Water management for business

target sustainability at MarrickvilleThis page provides information for businesses on how they can minimise the wastage of drinking water in their operations and avoid degrading the local area with pollutants that affect local waterways, especially the Cooks River.

Saving water in your business

target sustainability @ marrickville is Marrickville Council's environmental program specifically for local businesses. This program assists small and medium businesses to:

  • reduce their environmental impact,
  • save money; and
  • promote their environmental achievements to the Marrickville community.

Council's Sustainable Business Team assists business owners to meet their environmental targets through tailored advice and support. It is voluntary and free to join for businesses in the Marrickville local government area. For more information please visit the target sustainability @ marrickville pages or phone 9392 5000.

Sydney Water has a range of programs and information designed to assist businesses to better manage the way they use water. For more information, please visit the Sydney Water website.

Protecting our waterways

These days it is common practice for businesses to have strict policies and procedures in place to protect waterways from pollution. Responsible business owners who help their community and environment ensure that: 

  • All chemicals used on their premises are appropriately disposed of;
  • The cleaning of vehicles and equipment is done in an area that does not drain to the stormwater system;
  • Skip bins and other waste facilities are kept tightly sealed and tidy;
  • Organic materials and soils from landscaping are removed and disposed of responsibly;
  • Litter is gathered and disposed of daily, especially in retail centres; and
  • Butt bins are provided for clients and employees who smoke, and dropped butts are swept up daily.

Stormwater as a resource

Some progressive businesses are recognising the value of stormwater as a resource for their business. Stormwater can be harvested from rooftops and paved surfaces, saving money and providing a source of water for a whole range of non-contact purposes. This way of thinking is called Water Sensitive Urban Design.

For further details, contact Council's Water and Catchments Coordinator or phone 9335 2104.

What happens if I do the wrong thing?

Stormwater pollution from industry degrades local rivers and oceans through contamination with heavy metals, nutrients, sediments and rubbish. Common problems include: 

  • hosing of industrial premises, footpaths and driveways;
  • discharge of wastewater from premises to stormwater; and
  • washing vehicles in the street.

Industry that allows polluted water to enter stormwater drains will attract a $1500 on-the-spot fine.

Water saving tips for business

  • Sweep floors and pavements instead of hosing them down.
  • Educate your employees about wise water use.
  • Do a water audit and review each industrial process to see where water savings can be made.
  • If your business operates a kitchen, it's a good idea to work out how much water you use per customer and work to reduce that amount.
  • Install waterless urinals in mens toilets.
  • Ensure all silt curtains at construction sites are installed and working properly.