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Recycling and waste

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Recycling and waste

Inner West Council provides a comprehensive waste and recycling service to our residents. By working together to recycle correctly and cut down on the amount of garbage sent to landfill we can ensure a sustainable future for our community.

Each resident recycles about 103 kg of materials in the yellow-lidded bin every year. The recyclables are re-processed and made into new products.

On the flip side, each resident also generates nearly twice as much garbage (199 kg) each year. The contents of the red-lidded bins are are sent to landfill and include materials that could be recycled or composted (e.g. food organic waste).

Do the right thing and sort your waste correctly, bring your bins in, and book a clean up for excess waste.

Inner West Council is working towards Zero Waste. You can help by embracing avoidance, reuse and recycling. Start by thinking about the end-of-life of products: ask manufacturers about the recyclability of products and packaging.

Think outside the square and give another purpose to products before throwing them out. Ask yourself whether you need the product in the first place. For more information see our waste and recycling guide and the reducing and reusing page.

What is Zero Waste?

A Zero Waste community is one that avoids the generation of waste and where any discarded materials are designed as a resource for other processes, no materials are discharged to land air or water. Every sector has a role to play... we're in this together!

You can help by sorting your waste correctly, bringing your bins in, and booking in a free clean up for your excess waste.

A strategy for the Marrickville area

Council worked with the community on the development of the Rethink Waste Strategic Plan.

The plan developed in-house using the existing corporate knowledge and industry experience, with community input providing the direction for the key areas of focus.

The Rethink Waste Strategic Plan will shift current waste and resource management thinking and action to a sustainable, responsive model that focuses on avoidance and reduced consumption, reuse and recycling as the means to achieve a more liveable, sustainable community and the 2023 Community Vision for Marrickville.