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Booked clean up service

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Booked clean up service

The booked clean up service is free and available for unwanted household items and furniture every week of the year. The service is divided into four categories to facilitate recycling. Make an online booking 24/7 here.

Most household items and furniture collected through the booked clean up service end up in landfill. Your items can be donated or sold if they are in working conditions or repairable. Visit reducing and reusing for a range of options for a range of repurposing ideas for your unwanted goods.

Waste categories

  1. Household items and furniture – collected on booked day
  2. Metal and white goods – collected within 4 days of booked day
  3. Branches – bundled and tied – collected on booked day
  4. Mattresses – collected within 48 hours of booked day

How to make an online booking

  1. Select the type of waste
  2. Provide as much information as possible about the items under "description of waste"
  3. Choose the next available collection date
  4. Add location details (front, rear or side of property)
  5. You will be given guidelines on when and how to present your items for collection. Don't forget to mark the collection date on your calendar and take your items out the night before!

You can book a free collection for items that belong to the 4 categories above. Make sure you select all waste categories that apply to your booking to help us recycle. For example, book a mattress pick up separately from a fridge collection under the metal/whitegoods category. Items in each of the four categories are collected by different trucks as they are taken to different processing facilites for recycling or landfill disposal. Booking your items under the wrong category will cause delays in your collection.

Please place the materials for collection neatly outside your property the night before the collection date ensuring no obstructions to pedestrians. There is a limit of no more than 2 cubic metres of waste (equivalent to a small trailer load) per collection of general clean-ups and metal goods. This means that timber fencing, etc. needs to be less than 2 metres in length.

REMEMBER: Inner West Council has education programs and free clean up services, so please do not dispose of your waste in public spaces. Illegal dumping can be a health and safety hazard for the community, blocks drains and causes pollution. Dumping is also unsightly, has a magnetic effect, blocks amenities and has a negative impact on community pride.

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