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Waste containers in public areas

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Waste containers in public areas

Containers for construction waste (skip bins)

When you need to hire a waste container for construction waste, and it cannot fit within your property boundaries, you must obtain a permit to place the bin on Council's roads and footpaths. To obtain a permit, you should first arrange hire of your bin from one of the companies listed below (who have registered with Council), then contact Council and pay any permit fees applicable.

Fees for July 2017 – June 2018

A permit for 7 days (or less) is free and can be obtained quickly over the phone.

Permits for more than 7 days cost $96.50 per week (including GST) and an application form to be completed. Payment must be received by Council before the permit can be issued. These fees are current to for the 2017–18 financial year and in accordance with the current Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Citizens who use a waste container that is not approved by Inner West Council for the former Marrickville Council area may be issued with an infringement notice by Council's rangers.

Choosing and placing the bin

  • A waste container should only be placed on a Council footpath in instances where:
    • it is not possible (due to a severe lack of space) to store waste products upon private property; AND
    • it is not possible to place a waste container on the roadway (as a result of it not being legal to park a motor vehicle on the street outside the premises).
  • A waste container can only be placed on a footpath or other public place where it is possible, at all times, to maintain a completely unobstructed pedestrian access way, of at least 1.5 metres in width, between the property boundary and the waste container.
  • The maximum size for a waste container placed on a footpath or other public place is 3.6m long x 1.5m wide x 1.5m high.
  • A waste container should only be placed on a roadway where parking restrictions (or other Australian Road Rules) do not restrict the stopping or parking of a motor vehicle (including 'No Stopping', 'No Standing' and 'No Parking' areas).
  • The maximum size for a waste container placed on a Council road or public carpark is 4.8m long x 1.8m wide x 1.5m high.
  • Permission must be obtained from the Roads and Traffic Authority for the placement of a waste container on the roadway along a State Road.

Please consider others and place the waste container as close to your property as possible.

Approved companies – current as of October 2016

CompanyPhone numberFax number or email
Aussie Skips Pty Ltd 9742 3322 9742 3300
Bingo Group Pty Ltd 9737 0308 9737 0351
Brown Brothers Waste Contractors Pty Ltd 9918 2483 / 0418 476 625 9973 1379
Cheap & Quick Waste Bins 9755 2888 9755 2005
DATS Environmental Services 9907 4977 wendy@dats.net.au
Dial A Dump 9519 9999 9516 5559
Eco Skips 0402 111 008 9599 8303
Empire Waste Bins 9311 4745 empirewaste@hotmail.com
Freddy's Skip Bins 9703 5399 / 0410 455 633 info@freddyskipbins.com.au
Has a Bin 9642 1477 9642 0071
Jim's Skip Bins 131 546 johng@jimsskipbins.com.au
Just Skip Bins Pty Ltd 1800 626 388 9684 4955
M Waste Pty Ltd 9544 6423 9526 5996
Orange Waste Bins 1300 767 006 9792 3868
Phillips Skip Bins Pty Ltd 9760 5999 9760 5995
Skips 365 Pty Ltd 1300 762 362  
The Bin Man 0412 258 558  
Wasteline Waste Management 9344 0929 9344 0929

If you are a waste container company seeking to join this list, you can download an application form here (PDF file). An approval fee (payable first year only and refunded when registration lapses) as well as an annual fee apply.

Event bins

Council offers garbage and recycling bins for special events within the former Marrickville local government area. We can help you decide on the number of bins you will need for your event. Download a booking form and send it to council@innerwest.nsw.gov.au or to the address in the form.

Effective from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, the hiring cost for each 240 L garbage and recycling bin is $35.50 (GST inclusive). Note that a refund of $15.00 per bin applies if the recycling bins (yellow lid) are returned with less than 1% contamination, as assessed by our collection crew. Refunds are usually processed within 14 days.

Bins will be delivered on the last business day before the event and collected on the first business day following the event. The applicant is responsible for the bins during the loan period, and any lost bins or excess material will be charged according to Council's current fees and charges.

Containers for recycled clothing

Clothing receivable container companies must register with Council if they intend placing containers on public areas in the Inner West Council area on behalf of their customers.

The applicable policy and application form are available to download here: