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Sustainable business

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Sustainable business

Target Sustainability @ Marrickville logoTarget sustainability @ marrickville is Marrickville Council's environmental program specifically for local businesses. It is voluntary and free to join for all businesses in the Marrickville local government area. To participate, businesses must set a target, or a commitment in any one or more of the following areas:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce their water use
  • Reduce their waste
  • Contribute to community and social sustainability

Often, small business owners do not have time to focus on reducing their environmental impact. This program assists small and medium businesses to reduce their environmental impact and promote their environmental achievements and commitments to the Marrickville community. All achievements reported through the program must be proven by the business with quantifiable data so consumers can be sure that claims made through this program are correct.

Businesses receive free sustainability advice and support from the Sustainable Business Team, promotion in the target sustainability business directory, and will be eligible for the annual environmental excellence awards for businesses and organisations if they achieve any reductions.

Benefits of participating may include:

  • Save money on energy, water and waste bills
  • Free business sustainability advice
  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment to your community
  • Build networks with other businesses
  • Increase your customer loyalty
  • Access free marketing opportunities

Upcoming Events

Sustainable Business Network Meeting

Sustainable business network meetings are held quarterly and are a great opportunity to explore opportunities and build better business partnerships. They will also improve Council's understanding of the barriers and constraints businesses face in becoming more sustainable. Check the Events Calendar for upcoming meetings.

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