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Sustainable Council

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Sustainable Council

Council plays an important role in promoting environmental responsibility among businesses, schools, households and community groups and has ongoing programs that cover many aspects of ecologically sustainable development.

By undertaking internal planning and management, Marrickville Council works hard to minimise the environmental impacts of its operations and protect environmentally sensitive areas.

The following sections provide further information about what Council is doing to become more sustainable in its own operations:

  • Climate change action
    Outlines Marrickville Council's commitment to climate change action, and its progress in meeting energy and greenhouse reduction targets.
  • How sustainable is Marrickville?
    Discover our stories, projects and outcomes
  • Solar power
    Council is reducing its carbon emissions and saving on electricity costs through the installation of solar panels at facilities such as its Administration Building in Petersham.
  • Sustainable procurement
    Council practices relating to procurement
  • Water management
    Marrickville Council is working to improve the way it manages water, in partnership with local communities.

For information on sustainability programs for local residents and businesses, try the other pages in our Environment section: