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Climate change and Council

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Climate change and Council

Climate change and Council

Enhance Council's and the community's ability to adapt to a changing climate.

– Action 3.1.3, Marrickville Community Strategic Plan 2023

Council's Climate Change Plan and Action Plan address both adaptation and mitigation. Adaptation responds to actual and expected changes to climate, to reduce the impact of these changes. Mitigation activities avoid and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Council's greenhouse gas emissions for 2000 were 8,037 tonnes of CO2-e (carbon dioxide equivalent). An emissions reduction of 25% will achieve Council’s mitigation target of 6,028 tonnes of CO2-e.

Graph of Council's greenhouse gas emissions

Council Emissions Graph

The mitigation target is supported by an evidence-based action plan, which prioritises upgrades of street lighting to LED technology, and energy-efficient and alternative energy opportunities for Council’s facilities and fleet.

Adaptation measures taken by Council align with the major risks posed by climate change:

  • Extreme weather (storms)
  • Heatwaves
  • Increased temperatures
  • Sea level rise
  • General climate change

Council's actions put our community in a strong position to respond to the challenges posed by climate change. The primary actions for 2015 are:

  • Adaptation: Community heat resilience mapping in collaboration with Water Sensitive Cities Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Mitigation: Continuing LED upgrade for Petersham Administration Building and other facilities; installation of solar panels and energy-efficient fittings in facilities.