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User guidelines

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User guidelines

A place for all of us

Marrickville Library and History Services is a special place for all of us.  It is an important hub where the community can learn something new, pursue a hobby, meet people or just quietly reflect. We all have the right to enjoy the library and all it offers in a safe and civil way. Together, we can help make our libraries special by following the Library User Guidelines, Rules and Regulations.


Library users are required to behave and respect other users' rights to a safe and welcoming environment.

Users should:

  • be considerate of others
  • be polite to others
  • respect cultural differences
  • respect the rights of all library users and staff

Unacceptable behaviours include:

  • drug/alcohol intoxication
  • verbally or physically abusing, assaulting, intimidating or harassing library staff and/or users.

Theft, vandalism, carrying a weapon and other criminal offences will be referred to the NSW Police by library staff.

Internet and computer usage

Members can use the Library service computers for 90 minutes per day and then be extended in 30 minute time periods if available. Guests may only access the computers for 30 minutes a day, but remember, it's free and easy to become a member. Bookings are esssential and members must have their library card. Please note, other people are not permitted to use your membership benefits.

Access to the Internet facilities is free and conditions apply. You must not use our internet computers for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes including accessing explicit content or content that degrades a specific gender, ethnic or racial group. All discs must be scanned for viruses before use.

The supervision of children

Supervising children in the library is not the responsibility of library staff. As libraries are busy public places, staff cannot judge which members of the public present a possible danger to children. If children under ten are found to be without adult supervision, Library staff will attempt to contact their parents or care providers. If parents or care providers cannot be reached or ignore the Library User Guidelines, Rules & Regulations on the supervision of children, Library staff will contact the NSW Police and or the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to ensure a child's safety.

Food and dress code

Library users are required to dress in a manner that is appropriate and not likely to cause offence.

Users should:

  • wear footwear at all times
  • keep food and drink away from computers
  • consume hot food outside the library
  • respect cultural norms and sensitivities of others with their attire.

Additional guidelines

It is prohibited to:

  • bring animals into the library (assisted care animals permitted)
  • bring bikes, balls, skateboards, roller skates and scooters into the library
  • distribute literature in the library
  • undertake soliciting or selling in the library
  • take photos in the library

What library staff can do

The NSW Library Act empowers library staff to:

  • direct any person to leave the library
  • exclude any person from the library for up to one year

The NSW Library Act 1939 (Revised 2005) and Regulations (2005) are available at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au or from library staff. All criminal matters will be referred to the NSW Police.

Need help?

If you consider another person's conduct to be inappropriate, offensive or threatening please seek help from a library staff member. If you have any questions about the Library User Guidelines, Rule and Regulations or other matters ask a staff member.


  • Marrickville Library Service asks for your co-operation in maintaining an environment for study and for the enjoyable use of our libraries.
  • Your library card must be shown to borrow materials and to make a computer booking.
  • Visitors shall not interfere with others use of the Library or with Library employee's performance of their duties.
  • Internet computers are not to be used for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes, nor are they to be used to access inappropriate material that contain sexually explicit content or that degrade a specific gender, ethnic or racial group.

Resource care code

The library provides many resources for the community to share. Library users are required to take care of all the collections, equipment and resources they use.

Users should:

  • treat library resources with respect
  • remember that these resources are shared by all community members
  • report damaged resources to Library staff

Damage includes:

  • cutting/ripping pages
  • marking or highlighting material
  • hiding or deliberately misplacing library resources
  • defacing or damaging furniture