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English learning collection

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English learning collection

English learning materials

We have English learning resources to assist people wanting to improve their English language skills.

English Learning MaterialsThe English Learning collection covers writing, reading, listening and speaking. It consists of books, audio kits and DVDs in different English levels, from beginners to advanced. Fiction books (Readers) in the collection are divided into three levels; Beginners (1-2), Intermediate (3-4), and Advanced (5-6).

These books are often accompanied by audio CDs, which let learners read and listen to a story at the same time. This develop better listening and reading skills.

Attend our English conversation classes to improve your English conversation skills, learn about Australian culture and meet new people in the community. For more information about the classes or to register, call 9335 2166.

Preparing for IELTS

The collection contains IELTS materials to assist people who are studying for the IELTS tests.

Road to IELTS Online is a preparation course developed by the British council, to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in the exam. It consists of:

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • Over 300 interactive activities
  • 17 videos of British Council experts giving IELTS advice
  • Videos of the Speaking test
  • Timed Listening activities 
  • Mock test papers with model answers
  • Progress feature where students plan and monitor their learning

Road to IELTS - Academic is an online IELTS preparation course, to help you improve the skills needed to succeed in the Academic IELTS exam. 

Further information on this database, please call the Library on 9335 2173 or 9335 2166 or email kathy.yang@innerwest.nsw.gov.au.

AMES - online course

AMES is a leading publisher of English language and literacy resources in Australia. NSW AMES has taught English to over 1.5 million people in the classroom, online, in the workplace, on smartphones and via distance education.

Please note that the AMES course login requires your library card number. 

World Wide English

Watch and listen to native English speakers as they participate in real-life social and work situations, complete interactive exercises including vocabulary and grammar tasks and receive instant feedback on your answers to improve your accuracy and confidence. English for work, study and life in global environments

  • Develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Complete challenging interactive grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation activities
  • Be immersed in the English language
  • Measure learning outcomes through online assessment tasks and quizzes

Workplace communication skills

Online courses to develop effective spoken communication skills for workplace situations

  • Jobseekers online
  • Customers service
  • Negotiating and problem solving
  • Pronunciation at work

English classes

Improve your spoken English, and learn about other cultures and Australian values with our English Conversation classes. Beginner, intermediate and mixed classes are held weekly at various branch locations.

Click here for more information

Learn a language online

Start learning any of 80 different langauges with Byki.

Includes lessons and familiar learning activities to build your memory of useful words and phrases. Featuring a variety of courses and supplemental learning material, it's filled with dozens of learning activities designed to engage your brain for rapid learning and maximum retention. 

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