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Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Arts and culture

Arts and Culture in MarrickvilleThe Marrickville area is the centre of Sydney's independent arts scene and is home to many artists, studios, commercial art galleries, artist-run initiatives, theatres and festivals.

Marrickville Council provides a range of programs for residents and practicing artists to encourage participation of arts and cultural activities at all stages of life.

  • Art Post: What's On
    Not sure what to do this weekend? The What's On calendar showcases the best Marrickvillle has to offer featuring gallery openings, free events, short courses, gigs etc. Submit events, subscribe to the Art Post ebulletin, find us on facebook.
  • Artist opportunities
    Read news and features on local artists. Subscribe to our Art Post arts e-bulletin, listing available grants, prizes, commissions, partnership opportunities, events etc.
  • Arts and cultural grants
    Council offers Arts and Cultural Grants and Independent Artist Grants annually to assist local artists.
  • Artists in residence
    See information about the Petersham Artist in Residence, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Studio Program and the Australia Street Art Camp.
  • Chrissie Cotter Gallery
    A gorgeous, light-filled gallery located in the heart of Camperdown. See summaries of current exhibiting artists here.
  • Local directory and useful information
    Need a local framer, theatre supplies, a graphic designer? We have a wealth of local creative suppliers and producers. Also check here if you are a local artist looking for advice and support.
  • MOST
    Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST), part of Art Month Sydney, is an opportunity to engage with Marrickville's thriving independent arts scene, view art in progress, and purchase art at studio prices.
  • Open Inner West
    Open Inner West is a 10 day celebration of culture and diversity in the local area. Activities are held by local community groups, schools and community organisations, supported by Council funds and guidance on how to run events.
  • Public art
    Marrickville has a wealth of public art, including iconic sculptures and murals.  Also check here to find out more about street art in the area.
  • Sister Cities program
    Find out about Marrickville's eight Sister Cities and on how Council is working on international communication and exchange through the program.
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    If you're a Facebook member and want to find out about upcoming artists, arts, culture, events, festivals, workshops, shows and gigs in the Marrickville area, visit the Art Post Facebook Page and click the "Like" button.

Marrickville Cultural Policy

The Marrickville Cultural Policy states Marrickville Council's position on and understanding of its role in local culture, in which culture is used as an inclusive term incorporating creativity, community, diversity, knowledge and heritage as expressed in the social, physical, economic and governance spheres that create the way of life unique to the Marrickville local government area. Marrickville Council's position is aligned to the principles of Agenda 21 for Culture.

Marrickville Cultural Research Paper

Marrickville Council engaged Susan Conroy (2008) to carry out cultural mapping and research to inform Council's Cultural Policy and Action Plan. Read the full cultural research paper here:

Creative Councils for Creative Communities

This report by Marrickville Council and the Centre for Local Government, University of Technology Sydney (UTS:CLG) contributes to understanding of the role of creativity as a prerequisite to innovation in local government, particularly during a time of change and reform to the local government sector.

The study demonstrates that a local council can fruitfully draw on a key characteristic of the community in which it is located and thereby supplement its approach to working in and for that community. In the case of Marrickville Council and the Marrickville Creativity Project, it represented an opportunity to more explicitly add creativity to council functioning so as to better serve a community that is well recognised for its creative industries and cultures.

It also documents an approach that could be drawn upon by other local governments wishing to operate in a more creative and innovative way.

National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper

In 2011, the Federal Government called for submissions on the National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper. This gave individuals and groups an opportunity to have their say on the first National Cultural Policy in almost 20 years. Marrickville Council made a submission responding to the Discussion Paper, which is available for download here:

Taking Care photo-essay book

'Taking Care' front cover
Taking Care feature image

The photo-essay book Taking Care: Sixteen women making a difference in the Marrickville community was the outcome of a community based collaboration between Marrickville Council, Marrickville writer Julia Richardson, photographer Bruce Daly, and Marrickville childcare workers.

Commissioned by Marrickville Council in 2010 the Year of Women in Local Government, Taking Care shares the personal stories of 16 Aboriginal and migrant women working in child care in Marrickville. It provides insight into who is caring for Marrickville's children, and how their cultural backgrounds directly inform the values and traditions imparted to the children

As a collection of stories, Taking Care highlights the wonderful of diversity of cultures, teaching styles and stories that Marrickville children are experiencing and, as a result, synthesizing into highly nuanced understandings of contemporary Australian culture in inner-city Sydney.

A PDF version of the book is available to download here.