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Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Public art

Newtown ArtSeat, artwork by Jumpy
Newtown ArtSeat
Artwork by Jumpy

I Have a Dream mural
"I Have a Dream" mural
Andrew Aiken and Juilee Pryor
King Street, Newtown

Public art in Marrickville forms a distinctive collection of temporary and permanent public artworks in places that illuminate, celebrate and contribute to Marrickville's unique culture.

Council's Public Art Strategy People, Place + Art, highlights Marrickville's eclectic mix of urban spaces, both natural and the built environment. The strategy also acknowledges the value of each neighbourhood's particular social character, with its specific social history, local identity, image and spirit.

The Newtown ArtSeat

The Newtown ArtSeat delivers a program of innovative contemporary art for visitors and the local community. As a temporary exhibition space, Newtown Art Seat provides artists with the opportunity to produce experimental and non-commercial outcomes.

Street art

The Marrickville area is renowned for its street art — particularly in Newtown, Enmore and St Peters.

The Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" mural on King Street, Newtown is one of the most famous works of street art in Australia, painted by Andrew Aiken and Juilee Pryor in 1991.

Perfect Match

Perfect Match is a street art initiative where Council plays cupid between local property owners and street artists, resulting in new public art murals that build on our dynamic street culture.

The annual Perfect Match weekend tours and celebrations offer the chance to check out installations in progress and join a walking, bus, cycle or guided photography tour.

Street Art Forum 2013

During 2013 Art Month Sydney, Marrickville Council held a street art forum. The forum, Coming in from the cold and into the fold, looked at Council’s changing role in regard to street art, as well as future directions and policies Council could adopt in dealing with street art.

The panellists were:

  • Josephine Bennett, Manager Culture and Recreation at Marrickville Council. Josephine oversees Council’s street art program and recently won the Enduring Staff Contribution to Arts and Culture award at the Local Government Association of NSW (LGSA) Arts and Cultural Awards.
  • Dr Cameron McAuliffe, Lecturer in Human Geography and Urban Studies at the School of Social Sciences & Psychology, University of Western Sydney. Cameron wrote a research report for Marrickville Council, Graffiti and Street Art Policy and Program Analysis.
  • Juilee Pryor, core member of Unmitigated Audacity Productions which in the 1990s was responsible for some of the most iconic street art in the inner west of Sydney. In the 1980s, Juilee was part of the artist run space Art Unit. She is now a photographer, artisan, and part of the It’s a Sign ARI in Marrickville.
  • Tom McDonald, Links to Learning Senior Project Officer at Marrickville Youth Resource Centre (MYRC). Tom is the in-house aerosol artist who runs workshops aimed at reducing the incidences of illegal graffiti, and educating local young people about the legal aspects of Aerosol Art.

The forum was moderated by Lauren Murada, arts reporter at the Inner West Courier.

Live to Create workshops
Live to Create workshops

Original 'Winged Victory'
The original Winged Victory statue

'Gift Given' by Bronwyn Bancroft
Gift Given by Bronwyn Bancroft

Live to Create

Live to Create was initiated to engage and empower young people from the Marrickville area to build knowledge and confidence to create art in public place. By providing hands-on opportunities, Live to Create illustrates Councils commitment to develop a new generation of residents working in public space.

Live to Create is funded by the Australian Government and forms part of Marrickville Council’s Anti Graffiti program.

Winged Victory

The original Winged Victory, which stood in front of Marrickville Town Hall, was commissioned by Council and created by Marrickville sculptor Gilbert Doble in 1919 as a World War I memorial.

In 2008 concerns were raised over the general condition of the Winged Victory after significant cracks were noticed in the sculpture. The sculpture was removed to minimise public risk. Council resolved that the original Winged Victory statue be decommissioned and that an artist be engaged to create and install a new bronze statue.

After seeking expressions of interest, Council appointed Meridian – a Melbourne-based fine art foundry – to manufacture the new Winged Victory sculpture to a design by artist Peter Corlett and Darien Pullen.

In the new interpretation, the sword was lowered in a gesture of peace.

The new Winged Victory was unveiled in April 2015 as part of Marrickville Remembers, Council's Gallipoli Centenary program.

The original Winged Victory is now a focal point of the new World War I Galleries at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Notable commissions

  • Two public art pieces were installed at the new Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre in 2011. Julia Davis' sculptural silver ribbon, Eye Level, reflects the pool's surface and Silver Screen Mermaid is a glass sculpture inspired by Annette Kellerman, created by local emerging artist, Mark Wotherspoon.
  • Magpie sculptures created by artist Jane Cavanough in Marrickville Park, installed in 2009.
  • The Guardian Dogs, three silver canine statues by Richard Byrne acting as gateways to the sculptures were installed in 2005.

Bronwyn Bancroft was commissioned in 2006 to design the largest mural in the southern hemisphere at the Robyn Webster Sports Centre at Tempe.