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Alcohol free zones

Featured artist: Shannon Crees
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Alcohol free zones

Proposal to re-establish alcohol free zones in Bailey, Goddard and Holt Streets, Newtown

Council has received a submission from Newtown Police to re-establish an Alcohol-Free Zone in Bailey Street, Goddard Street and Holt Street, Newtown, in order to address anti-social behaviour by individuals and groups of people drinking in these streets.

Bailey, Goddard and Holt Streets are local residential streets and this Alcohol-Free Zone was established by Council in 2011 following requests from residents of Station Street and support from Newtown Police.

Alcohol free zones are designated areas of public space or public roads (including footpaths) where the drinking of alcohol is prohibited. These restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Established alcohol free zones

Alcohol free zones have been established at the following locations:

Marrickville Shopping Centre  map

  • Marrickville Road between Malakoff Street and Garners Avenue, plus Alex Trevallion Plaza and the adjacent sections of Malakoff and Despointes Streets; and
  • Illawarra Road between Marrickville Road and Tuohy Lane, plus Tuohy Lane and the Calvert Street car park.

Sydenham  map

  • All of Sydenham Green, on both sides of Railway Road; and
  • the northern footpath of Gleeson Avenue, from the Sydenham railway station bridge to Unwins Bridge Road.

Newtown  map

  • Newtown Square on King Street, Newtown;
  • the northern side of King Street from Newtown Square to Mary Street; and
  • Bailey Street, Goddard Street and Holt Street (between Station Street to King Street)